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This sector is one of our strong points. At present, our range includes over 60 models, all different. Several photo albums are created in our bookbindery, such as the classic and very sturdy albums made of “Varese paper” with a canvas spine. Actually, the term “Varese paper” refers to a whole range of paper-covered albums that are however always evolving, as we try to come up with new patterns and new types of paper, in order to provide photo albums that are always different and original. Equally classic are the albums covered in hand-made paper with the spine in calfskin, a special type of rich leather which is particularly suited to these items thanks to its warm and attractive appearance.

One example: the album with calfskin spine and front and back cover in hand-made AMALFI PAPER, made from a pulp blended with dried rose petals. A true gem for wedding, travel and souvenir photos.

Then there are all our leather Albums, where we take real delight in seeking out the most original and rarest leathers to produce unique pieces. There is for example a range of Albums made in goatskin - originating from a pasture in Alto Adige located at 2,000 metres - off-white in colour, super-soft and with an elegant embossed finish. Truly unique pieces.

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