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Since its creation in 1881, for Pettinaroli printing has always signified tradition. From the very start we have wanted to devote ourselves to this art in all its aspects, taking personal care of all the phases of production. Pettinaroli has always had the great good fortune of having the PRINTING WORKS adjacent to the shop itself, with the advantage that we can be present in both the workshop and the shop, and can consult the printers at any time of the day.

We do not use technologically advanced machinery because we believe that, to produce the desired effect in printing the specific types of character which distinguish certain jobs, the best machines are still manual or semi-automatic, where the worker takes care of each individual sheet or card as it is printed. This is probably the reason why our customers seek us out for all those print jobs where they desire a product which is elegant and traditional rather than commercial: VISITING CARDS AND WRITING PAPER, BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS, WEDDING CARDS, AND INVITATIONS FOR PARTIES, COCKTAILS AND INAUGURATIONS.

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