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Leather boxes

These have always been produced all over Tuscany. But because Tuscany is a flourishing centre of tourism, attention to detail has frequently been neglected in favour of a more rapid production. Today we are proud to collaborate with a true craftsman who, in his own workshop, succeeds in creating veritable gems; these are not sold locally but only in a select number of outlets worldwide.

The reason is simple: the production of these boxes is a lengthy and complex business. The piece of raw leather about 5-6 mm thick is stretched over a wooden form, after which it is moistened and secured with two bands. It is then left to dry on a wooden rack, away from sources of artificial heat which would damage the leather. Once dry, it is then polished and finished. Naturally, in summer the leather dries more quickly, while in winter...!

This young craftsman works with the help of a single assistant, so that you can imagine how long it takes for orders to be completed. But what a delight when the goods finally arrive, and we open the packages to savour the indescribable smell, and admire the warm sheen of the leather, destined to become even more beautiful over time. The items range from the small bonbon type boxes to large correspondence boxes, with a wealth of different shapes and sizes in between, and also include a variety of photo frames. Unique pieces in life-breathing leather.

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