Besides numerous articles and reviews in major Italian and foreign newspapers and magazines (United States - UK - France - Japan), our Company has also been awarded several honors and prizes in recognition of the traditional worth and high quality of our activity:

1986 MUNICIPALITY OF MILAN - Certificate of Civic Merit -

"Established in 1881, it has been operating in the paper working and

graphics industry. It produces extremely valuable artistic engravings

and other lines of products which have come to dominate the Italian

market thanks to their refinement"
2002 MILAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - "Productive Milan" Award,

Diploma with Gold Medal - "For having been able through the years to

bring together the enthusiasm for innovation with the will to preserve

its strong business identity and its Milanese roots"
2003 MILAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - Historic Business
2005 REGION OF LOMBARDY - "Historic Shop of Regional Prominence" Acknowledgement

2006 MUNICIPALITY OF MILAN - Historic Workshop

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