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It is a real joy to have a fine desk set on one's desk, and even more enjoyable to be able to complete it with pieces which are always different and original. For over thirty years our strong point has been a series of desk accessories made entirely of leather. By adding new items over the years, the range has come to feature over 25 different co-ordinating articles, in 6 different colour tones. The result is a desk set which, in view of the material used, is practically indestructible, and which can be enlarged year after year by the addition of new accessories. A last detail, not to be overlooked - we also offer a refurbishment service for items which may become marked or deteriorate with use.

From the classic leather desk set to something more modern. Extremely elegant and refined desk accessories in heavy brass or chromium coloured metal, produced by a Spanish craft firm. These are decidedly original pieces, versions of the classic desk "tools" such as the desktop pencil-sharpener, the stapler, again desktop size, or our old friend the ink blotter, all reinterpreted in a modern key, especially in terms of the material used. Modern pieces, which fit perfectly into the classic office decor.

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