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Greetings cards

Everything you could want and more, always with elegance and class. Here we really are in our element, since our speciality is reproductions of the period prints from our collection. We are particularly attentive to the choice of subjects, and we can boast a selection of greetings cards of our own exclusive production which you will not find on sale elsewhere.

Particularly interesting are the series of greetings cards with Milan as theme, taken from original mid-nineteenth century prints.

At Christmas comes the crowning glory. Despite the advent of the most advanced technologies, which we too are happy to exploit as proven by these very pages, a Christmas card sent with affection is still a deeply appreciated gesture. On average in the Christmas period we have a selection of 350 different subjects available, ranging from sacred to English Victorian themes, from Milan snowscapes to subjects which recall the Tyrolese tradition. All are printed on precious card, with techniques such as enamel embossing (smaltorilievo) in various colours, where gold is omnipresent. The cards are effectively a fine sight, as is well known by all the established professionals, companies, banks or mere enthusiasts of the genre who have decided to send their Christmas greetings in a form which becomes a real gift.

All the models can be printed and customized with greetings or sentences of your choice, in any color, and they can also include company logos and names.

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