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Visiting Card

We believe that a visiting card gives us our first real impression of the person who presents it. While in the case of company or business cards we ourselves have little say in the matter, for our own private cards it is up to us to decide how we wish to present ourselves. The choice of the type of card, of the typeface and colour which we find best reflects our own personality therefore becomes of primary importance.

The card can be printed using the letterpress technique with moveable lead characters, or in relief through the use of an engraved steel plate, which can then be kept and used again every time we wish to reprint our visiting cards, while for an even more sophisticated product the lithographic process can be used.

The choice of card is important. Normally, we use plain white or ivory card for professional cards which do not need to be too elaborate, but simple and elegant. For cards for private use, the much sought after hand cards, which may be printed in different colours such as blue, sepia, or green instead of black and grey, are available.

The choice of lettering style must also be made carefully. The most common styles are italic and “bastoncino millerighe” (which the clients call “Pettinaroli’s style”). These are without doubt the best styles for traditional professional cards for lawyers and notaries, and also for “house” cards (those used on all occasions). There is naturally a wide range of other styles available for all types of company cards.

Normally, the card for private use is of the 9x14cm format, and carries our name and surname, or wife and husband’s name. They do not usually contain an address, as they are cards that accompany gifts or thank you notes and do not require one. An address is vital on small pocket visiting cards, which as presentation cards must carry our personal details. The small “credit card” format cards are very handy and functional, and can be kept in any wallet pocket.

Embossed print may be used on high-quality cards. This is a very refined and elegant style (the working method has been described in the “typography” section) which will give your card a different shade and look. This style is appropriate for “husband and wife” cards, as the engraved metal mould is long-lasting and can be re-used when your cards have run out.

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