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Writing paper

The search for the raw material to be used for our writing papers is one of the most difficult aspects of our work, because we feel that the type and quality of the paper is of crucial importance. Consequently, we devote the utmost care to the search for paper-mills which produce truly special, quality products, in terms of both the smooth, coated papers and the more sophisticated hand-made papers.

Once we have tracked down the desired paper, it then has to be arranged in special packs. The personalised boxes are completed with finishing touches such as the embossing of our name on the envelopes, the choice of ribbons to tie up the separate packets of envelopes and paper inside each individual pack, and the selection of the wrapper design for each different range of paper. What we have noticed is that in recent years the trend is towards paper and cards in distinctly gentle, elegant shades, such as ivory, pale grey and white.

Strong colours have almost completely disappeared. The hand-made papers of antique flavour are perfect for English italic characters in sepia, green or blue, giving these writing papers headed with our name and surname a touch of truly exclusive elegance, while the envelopes are usually personalised simply with the initials. On the smooth paper, instead, we can choose from a wide range of characters, including the most up-to-date capitals. For headed business papers for offices, professional studios etc., qualified staff will do their utmost to bring together our proposals and the customer's ideas, so that together we can produce a writing paper of guaranteed impact for business professionals.

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