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Organizers and Address books

These are two strong points of the stationery line. In spite of the computer age, the diary continues to be an irreplaceable object, an essential tool in the scheduling of our day.

In terms of the traditional diaries we stock the best-known makes such as Nazareno Gabrielli, Cangini Filippi and Quo Vadis; then there is the English Filofax, an out-and-out leader in the sphere of ring binder Organiser diaries, which have become almost a cult object, in great demand among young people, managers and professionals; and then the exclusive Mignon, the French house which makes diaries, mostly pocket-size, of a truly enviable elegance and sophistication.

Naturally, we also stock the annual refills for all these diaries. Then, in our own bookbinding section, we also produce our own classic diaries in Varese paper, with old prints applied to the cover in the classic Pettinaroli style.

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