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Mediolanum' writing papers


For us this paper, which we have decided to call "MEDIOLANUM", was an absolute must.
An exclusive product, like all the others, this is a smooth, ivory coloured paper of about 100 g in weight, featuring a ragged edge which makes it particularly suited for private use.
The envelopes are lined with grey tissue paper.
It can be printed with any character in any colour.

Packs of:

50 notelets size 10 x 6,5 with 20 matching envelopes50 notelets size 13,5 x 8,5 with 50 matching envelopes50 cards size 16 x 11 with 50 matching envelopes50 small size sheets 21,5 x 15,5 with 50 matching envelopes50 A4 size sheets 21 x 29,7 with 50 matching envelopes*