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Book plates Ex libris""

The book plate is an intelligent and elegant way of personalising your books.It has ancient origins, and was once so widespread that every book had its plate.

The old book plates were xilographs engraved on wooden matrices hand-carved by skilled and expert engravers, who in this way created what were veritable small masterpieces, even before they were printed. Nowadays we prefer to use sheets of zinc upon which we create a custom-built design, so that the customer will have a book plate which is truly made to measure. And so we have this precious piece of paper representing something which reflects our own personality or status: it could be the family coat-of-arms, or even a motto or a collection of objects which in some way relate to us.

For those in a hurry, we have produced a range of book plates in boxes of 100, with designs related to the themes of books and reading in general, which will then obviously be personalised with the customer's name and surname. A gift which is always as highly appreciated as it is unexpected.
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