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Mercator 16th century Hondius 17th century

Item GL003D

This terrestrial globe is mounted on a wooden base in baroque style with a bronze arch. This black and white globe is extremely elegant and it is a faithful reproduction of the map drawn by the Flemish cartographer Hondius in the 17th century.

Measurements: diameter of the globe 30 cm height 61 cm

Item GL023
Item GL025

These two terrestrial globes are mounted on a four-pillared wooden base and they are faithful reproductions of the map drawn by the famous cartographer G. Mercator in the mid 16th century.The base of item GL025 includes a compass, a very common feature of terrestrial globes in those times.

- GL023: diameter 20 cm height 30 cm
- GL025: diameter 30 cm height 51 cm
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