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Milan in color

A wonderful series including 17 different subjects, taken from original prints dating back to the first half of the 19th century, printed on double cards in a cream color using 300-gram cardboard, and framed by an elegant embossed border.

The cards are printed by us directly, so they are always available and can be customized according to your each and every need.

The following subjects are available:

  • "La Scala" Theatre, outside
  • "La Scala" Theatre, inside
  • The "Duomo" or Cathedral
  • Panorama of Milan
  • Piazza dei Mercanti
  • Colonne di San Lorenzo
  • Basilica of "S. Ambrogio"
  • View of "Porta Romana"
  • Church of "Santa Maria delle Grazie"
  • The "Laghetto"
  • "Ospedale Maggiore": State University
  • View of "Porta Venezia"
  • The Arena
  • Basilica of "S. Lorenzo"
  • Corso Vittorio Emanuele
  • Piazza San Fedele and Marino Palace
  • The "Obei Obei" Fair in S. Ambrogio Square
  • Venduto
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